non intruisove blood sugar reader creates skin irritation

The Noninvasive Dream

The GlucoWatch Biographer, acclaimed by its manufacturer, Cygnus, as the first noninvasive meter, isn’t. The company itself admits that it causes most people to have mild to moderate skin irritation. Some people get blisters and others get redness or itching. The GlucoWatch works through a process called reverse iontophoresis. This process allows the meter to collect glucose samples through the skin by applying an extremely low electric current.

That’s one of many technical approaches. The major current approaches include using the entire spectrum of the near infrared and multivariate analysis to extract glucose information from tissue. These include active investigators like InLight Solutions (formerly Rio Grande Medical Technologies), LifeTrac Systems, NIR Diagnostics (formerly CME Telemetrix), Oculir, and Sensys Medical (formerly Instrumentation Metrics), plus the ill-fated Futrex.


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