Insulin syringes

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Insulin syringes
Points to consider include:

* Insulin syringes are to be used with 10ml insulin vials.
* Syringes are manufactured in 30 unit (0.3ml), 50 unit (0.5ml) and 100 unit (1.0ml) measures. The size of syringe will depend on the insulin dose; for example, it is easier to measure a 10 unit dose in a 30 unit syringe and 55 units in a 100 unit syringe.
* Needles on the syringes are available in different lengths, ranging from 8mm to 12mm. Your doctor or diabetes educator will help you decide which syringe is right for you.
* Use each syringe once only.
* Syringes are free for people registered with the National Diabetes Service Scheme (NDSS).


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