insulin choices

Diabetes – insulin choices – Better Health Channel.

Short acting insulin
Short acting insulins always look clear. They begin to lower blood glucose levels within half an hour, so you need to have your injection half an hour before eating.

Short acting insulin has a peak effect at two to four hours, and lasts for between six and eight hours. Short acting insulin types currently available include:

* Actrapid
* Humulin
* Hypurin Neutral (bovine – highly purified beef insulin)
* Hypurin Neutral (porcine – highly purified pig insulin). Available only via SAS (Special Access Scheme) and not PBS listed.

Intermediate acting insulin
Intermediate acting insulins always look cloudy. They have either protamine or zinc added to delay their action. These insulins begin to work about 90 minutes after you inject, peak at four to 12 hours and last for 16 to 24 hours.


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